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Hand Sprayer Plastik

Hand Sprayer Pompa Punggung Solo  425
Kapasitas Tanki : 15 L
Tekanan Kerja : 2-6 Kg/cm2
Ukuran : 350x200x525 mm
Berat Kosong : 4 Kg
Berat isi Penuh : 16.5 Kg

Hand Sprayer Stainless    Hand Sprayer Pompa Punggung Stainless SA-14

Material : Stainless Steel Tube
Tekanan Kerja  : 2 Kgs/cm² sampai 6 Kgs/cm²
Kapasitas Tanki : 14 Litres
Berat Kosong : 4.6 / 5 Kgs
Ukuran Packing : 36.5 x 19 x 50 (cm)

Mist Blower    Mist Blower MD 150

Ukuran : 500x400x650
Berat Kosong : 10.5 Kg
Kapasitas Tanki : 14 L
Fan Speed : 3500 ~ 6000 rpm
Max. Dust Discharge : 6 Kg/min
Max. Mist Discharge : 2.3 L/min
Range : 12 m
Engine Type : 2 Cycle Air Cooled Single Cylinder
Ignition : CDI

Fogging Machine Ultra Fog UF 35, Korea    Mesin Fogging, Mesin Pengkabut Asap

Power supply: 12V
Dimensi: 225x1370x335 mm
Weight: ± 9.1 kg
Kapasitas tangki bensin: 1.8 liter
Kapasitas tangki larutan: 8 Liter
Output: 40 Liter
Pemberantasan nyamuk Aedes Agepty, Malaria dll.
Pengendalian hama insektisida untuk tanaman kelapa sawit, coklat, karet, teh, kopi, kelapa, padi, kacang, lada dll.
untuk Pest Control pada camp, mess, gudang, peternakan dll.
Main unit
Valve chemical line
1 set seal, Membrane, Spares
Cleaning tools, Manual Book

Fogging Machine Swingfog SN-50, Germany    Mesin Fogging, Mesin Pengkabut Asap

Power,combustion chamber: 18.7 kW / 25.4 hp, 16,100 kcal/h
Fuel Consumption: 2 l/h
Kapasitas Tangki Minyak : 1.4 l (Stainless)
Kapasitas Tangki Larutan: 6.5 l (Stainless)
Overpressure in the fuel tank: 0.08 bar
Feed Pressure in the spraying tank: 0.3 - 0,4 bar
Berat Kosong : 8.8 kg
Ukuran (L x W x H): 133x29x33 cm

Malaria Extermination Sprayer    Vector Control Sprayer

FullFill WHO Standard WHO/VBC/89.970
FullFill WHO Standard WHO/HTM/NTD/WHOPES/2010.9
Professional for Public Health Vector / Pest Control
Meet up with WHO Approved Specification for Malaria Vector Sprayer
Tank Capacity : 13 Liter
Tank Material : High Quality Stainless Steel SUS304
Heigh of Sprayer : 480mm
Weight : 5.8 kg
Nozzle Type : Even Flat Spraying HSS
Angle Spray : 80 Degree
Lance Material : Brass or Stainless Steel
Shut-Off type : Heavy Duty Shut-off

Malaria Extermination Sprayer    Vector Control Sprayer

Tank Capacity: 3 US Gallons (± 11.3 Litres)
Pump Type :  Air Compressing Hand Pump
Raw material :  AISI - 304
Spray Flow Rate : :757 ml under working press of 2.8 kg/cm2
Spraycan Mesurement
Size : dia 190 mm x 445mm
Berat Kosong : 5.5 kg

Dual Fuction Thermal Fogger and ULV Aerosol. Italy

Fogging and ULV Machine : Truck Pick-up Mounted
Dual Function : ThermalFog and ULV
Electric Starter, Enginee Protection
Automatic Engine Stop When Chemical Is Finished
Flush Tank - Filter System for Chemical
360 Deg Adjustable Nozzle Head

Truck Mounted ULV Mist Sprayer    Truck Mounted ULV Mist Sprayer

Mesin Gasoline Briggs & Startton Vanguard 16HP, 2 Cylinder Air Cooled with 12V Electric Start with Battery
Chemical Tank 100 Litre Capacity + 15 Litre Hand Wash Tank
Steel Galvanized Frame
Centrifugal Fan M748, rotating 240 Deg by electric motor and remote control box
Articulated Spray Gun 90Deg Flexion  and 240 Deg transversal rotation
Metering Valve with SS valve and very accurate graduate scale 0 to 550 litre/hour at constant pressure 1,5 bar
Brass Centrifugal pump 60 liter/m flowrate
Remote Switch panel with engine star/stop, engine accelerator,
Spray on/off with electric shut-off valve and anti drip device, enginee warning lights oil, battery, fuel, Cannon Rotation
Perbandingan Mosquito Mortality  : (combined Adult Mortality + Larva Mortality) study di Malaysia
Mist Sprayer : 87.75%
Aerosol Mist Sprayer : 61.5%
Fogging : 28.75%

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